Membership dues are $40 a year per household. To join NACA, please send a check to:


     P. O. Box 295

     Ardmore, PA  19003-0295

All homeowners in North Ardmore are welcome to join.  The dues support our regular annual activities, which include providing and maintaining plantings at the Ardmore Station, and our annual garden party which takes place on a Saturday in June each year.  We also have recently engaged the services of a stormwater engineer, a traffic engineer, and land use attorneys to represent the Association as we try to mitigate the impacts of major developments on the neighborhood.

We publish a directory of the neighborhood in May/June of each odd-numbered year and a supplement in even-numbered years.  Once you have joined, we will provide you with a NACA directory and put you on our email list, which is now the main way we communicate with our members.