On Line Zoom Meeting
Those Present: Board Members:
Paul Lantieri, Emily Nicholson, Linda Katz, Anne Iskrant, John Cassimatis, Greg Liacouras, Chris
Helle, Val Hiscock, Maude Wood Kent, Caroline Manogue, Kelly Beh, Bonnie Perry, Lauren
Isaacoff, Warren Thaler, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Lucy Klain, Sasha Ballen, Jordan Swanson, Mark
Todaro, Richard Douglass.
Visitors and Honored Guests:
Kevin Foskett, David Richman, Anne Oltmanns, Commissioner Ray Courtney, Jenette Wheeler,
Sue Kendall, Lisa Morra, David Morra, Peter Dustin, Karen Hoover, Clara Jane Williams, David
Cohen, Bill Luterman, Lee Raichlen, Judy Luther, Sam Wojnilower, Lara Phillips, Hugh Gordon.
Our on line Zoom meeting began with Paul Lantieri opening the meeting and announcing our
new slate of officers, whereupon the roster was voted upon and duly passed.
It was noted we have three new Board Members: Richard Douglass, Jordan Swanson, and Mark
Todaro; we are looking forward to their contributions to our NACA community.
It was also announced with regret that Hugh Gordon, Anne Oltmanns, and Jeff Pendergast are
transitioning off the Board and we appreciate their many efforts through the years to make
Ardmore a better place in which to live, though simple “thank-yous” seem quite inadequate.
Various Announcements:
-We are happy to have our speed limit request become reality on Montgomery Ave! Twenty-five MPH is now the designated speed limit from Old Gulph to Woodside Rds. Many Thanks go
to Commissioner Ray Courtney, who pressed diligently for the measure.
-The Traffic and Safety Committee is still working on other priorities; if interested please
contact Brody Stevens about your concerns.
-The Lighting at Arnold Field proposal was rejected in the first iteration. A new proposal is
being developed by the School District.
-The Kimco Coulter Ave. Project: Fewer residences are now planned; this does not necessarily
decrease the size of the building by an appreciable amount but it increases the size of some
-A new Mexican Restaurant will use the space vacated by Besito.
-Our Porchfest was deemed a total success; thanks all around to those who helped arrange it.
Presentation by Ray Courtney, Commissioner:
A. The Black Rock Middle School fields are “on hold” due to push back from LM residents, and
this would include Ray Courtney also, because of the number of trees slated to be removed for
the project. He is still opposing the School District on this point and the issue remains under
discussion and has not yet progressed to litigation.
B. Lights on Arnold Field: (very brief summary) He recognizes that lights on Arnold Field will
extend the sports day and free up some morning time. Though the first proposal was rejected
on grounds the lights were accessory structures to the fieldhouse, the second proposal being
submitted by LMSD does away with the fieldhouse and the accessory issue no longer remains.
This new tactic is being considered and negotiations are still underway.
C. The new Lord and Taylor development plan has been approved.
D. Roughly across Lancaster Ave. from the Haverford College entrance- this development will
consist of a 4 story structure with 120 units, and further up in Ardmore, the Piazza Project, will
have 240 units. These projects were not discussed in detail.
E. The Coulter Ave. Project by Kimco: One could argue this has been somewhat reduced in size
when you consider they took 10 ft off the frontage. And fewer but larger residences are now
planned in certain parts of the building. But their major concerns are traffic and parking.
Narberth Ambulance’s fate is supposedly secure, and plans are to move the bus stop closer to
the Glenn Rd. intersection. The design of the back of the building is still in flux due to landscape
buffer requirements. The positive gain for Suburban Square and beyond is there will be a
stormwater remediation basin placed beneath the Glenn Rd. extension street (“not Glenn Rd”),
a major item which was left out during previous construction, so now we will receive this
F. The Ardmore Master Plan- They are focusing upon the business core of Ardmore and intend
to increase the connectivity between various areas. They are considering ways to highlight
pedestrian safety while also revitalizing the Historic District of Ardmore.
G. Covid 19- The past week (as of Oct. 25th) saw 45 new cases of Covid, and this represents a
decrease. He feels the vaccines are working; also, he believes it would be a good idea for
children to get the vaccine once approved for their age bracket.
F. Budgets: Last year the Township experienced a $ 6.5 million deficit. They were expecting
perhaps more of the same this year, but a recovery is thankfully in process. They actually have
about a $ 1 million surplus due to an increase in business tax revenue. So maybe taxes won’t
get an increase for the 11th year in a row? He wonders if a moderate tax increase could be
helpful in the long run. He thinks it best not to depend solely upon land development/or
business tax income. [Update: as of November 18th: A 3% tax increase in property taxes was
approved by the Board of Commissioners. Commissioner Courtney voted in favor. It passed 7-
G. “The American Rescue Plan” has allotted Lower Merion a $ 25 million grant. His hopes are
for a $ 10 million renovation of the PALM community center, and a fair amount of funds also to
go into sustainability projects in Lower Merion. In addition, he is in favor of open-space
preservation projects, such as the planting of trees in needed areas (there is 90 K in reserve for
this). As well, he expressed opposition to the use of gas powered leaf blowers.
Meeting adjourned by 8:45

Emily Nicholson

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